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Atelier's founder, Meghan, has been behind the chair more than 15 years and with an immeasurable amount of passion for the industry it was only a matter of time until she opened a salon of her own. Atelier is her first salon offering.  


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Meghan Andrade

Girl Boss / Master Stylist / Lipstick Lover / Grilled Cheese Enthusiast

Andrea Lemelin

Stylist / Colorist / Disney Princess / Cat Lady

Victoria Vitali

Stylist / Colorist / Sneakerhead / Lover of all things sparkle

Katelyn McCartney

Stylist/Colorist, Country Music Lover, Coffee Addict

Jackie Hagopian

Apprentice | Mashed Potato Lover | Professional Cat Cuddler

Bailey Tripp

Stylist / Colorist / Cat Mamma / Doordash Addict

Wensley Fagan

Stylist / Colorist / Fashonista / Foodie

Maddy Foley

Stylist / Colorist / Mamma / Boho Babe

Vela Sekula

Apprentice / 80's Movie Lover / Puts Hot Sauce on Everything

Karen Steele

Guest Services Manager | Taco Lover | Secret Clothing Designer

Greg Terrasi

Master Stylist / Colorist / Staff Dad / Resident Florist

Michelle Caruso

Stylist / Colorist / Adventurous Eater / Dog Momma

Nastya Lukens

Stylist / Colorist / Coffee Addict / Renaissance Princess

Angelina Deamantopoulos

Apprentice / All Things Spooky / French Fry Addict

Kerri Malizia

Salon Director / Master of the Atelier Universe / Loves animals, hates spiders

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She is a worldwide trained master colorist and stylist. She specializes in color correction and formal and up styling. Her brides have been featured in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Wedding Wire and Carats & Cake.


Meghan prides herself on being the stylist that listens to her clients, providing them with a look that suits their personality and lifestyle. If you want to enhance your natural color, make a bold change, brighten up your blonde or chop it all off, Meghan will make sure you leave rockin’ your locks.

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