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Bailey Tripp

Stylist / Colorist / Cat Mamma / Doordash Addict

Best thing about your job?

Being able to turn someone's day around by making them look and feel more beautiful.

Fav song?

Brandy by The Looking Glass, and Taki Taki by Ozuna, Cardi B & Selena Gomez.

Product you can’t live without?

Frizz Remedy by Leaf & Flower. It’s the only thing that will tame my mane! (Added bonus: it contains a molecular mender for hair health and CBD for scalp health)!

When you aren’t behind the chair?

I'm finding the best local sushi spots, exploring new places with friends, or continuing my education by taking classes. Never stop learning!

Words to live by?

Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them!

Bailey Tripp
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