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Meghan Andrade

Girl Boss / Master Stylist / Lipstick Lover / Grilled Cheese Enthusiast

Best thing about your job?

Making a personal connection with each client. I LOVE figuring out a look that suits them perfectly and teaching them how to recreate their signature look at home.

Fav song?

I am Wu-Tang Clan obsessed and sing too loud when 90's country is on, I can listen to Florence and the Machine on repeat, I'd kill to eat lunch with Stevie Nicks and I know every word to every song that Sam Cooke ever wrote so... Let's just say I couldn't possibly choose one!

Product you can’t live without?

IGK Direct Flight Matcha Dry Shampoo, it's great on day 1 for volume, and on day 2 as a style refresh. It is perfect for extensions and holds my California beachy waves.

When you aren’t behind the chair?

Chasing after my two perfect littles, aimlessly roaming through Target, or singing along to EVERY song on the radio.

Words to live by?

Skinny people are easier to kidnap. Stay safe, eat dessert.

Meghan Andrade
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