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Katelyn McCartney

Stylist/Colorist, Country Music Lover, Coffee Addict

Best thing about your job?  

I love making connections with my clients and seeing their reactions when they see their hair. I love making people feel good about themselves and teaching them more about their hair.


Fav song?

This is definitely a hard choice considering my music type is all over the place, but right now I’d say my favorite song is going down by Morgan Wallen! 


Product you can’t live without?

Definitely k18! It provides lasting renewal instead of temporarily patching damage like other bond-building products on the market.


When you aren’t behind the chair?

You can find me at home reading a book or getting lost at target! 


Words to live by?

Focus on the steps in front of you. Not the whole staircase.

Katelyn McCartney
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